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Telecommunication and IT Division

Our area of activities consisting but not limited to the following equipments and Systems:

  • DSL Equipment (Parading, Harbour Networks Ltd, )
  • Test Instruments (Trend Communication, Agilent Technologies, CTCU)
  • Multiservice & BRAS (Redback)
  • Remote Access Servers (Patton)
  • Radio Modems (Carlson & Wireless)
  • Routers, Hub/Switches (Cisco)
  • Fiber Equipment (Larscom & CTCU)
  • Interface Converters (Patton & CTCU)
  • Inverse Multiplexers (Larscom)
  • Video Conferencing Equipment (Aethra Telecommunication)

Engineering Systems & Services (ESS) Services in Telecom and IT Sector:

  • Site Selection & Inspection
  • Site Preparation
  • Installation &Configuration
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Project Management & Implementation

Engineering Solutins & Services (ESS) Telecom Customer’s

  • Pakistan Television
  • Paknet Limited
  • Pak Datacom
  • Cybernet Internet Services Limited
  • Muslim Commercial Bank
  • Micronet Broadband Limited
  • Habib Rafiq International Limited
  • Dancom Pakistan Private Limited
  • Nexlinx
  • British Petroleum
  • Siemens Pakistan
  • Pak Arab Refinery
  • World Online
  • Worldtel
  • AMZ Technologies
  • ComStar
  • Symbia Private Limited
  • National Engineers
  • Compunet
  • TCS
  • Tapal
  • Brainnet
  • SUN TV
  • NAB (National Accountability Bureau)
  • Indus Motors
  • International Islamic University
  • US Embassy
  • International Finance Corporation
  • Awaz Group of Radio (Largest FM Network in Pakistan)

Strategic Alliances With International Partners

ESS has a wealth of experience working with international client businesses and partnering with the leading names in telecommunications. Through our global links and partnerships we are able to meet your ever changing needs for tomorrow’s communications challenges.

Harbour Networks


Harbour Networks provides total network Systems through continued technical and product innovations… To be a leading provider in Ethernet switching, router and metro area IP network.

Intercai mondiale


Leading Telecom consulting company founded by founder of Vodafone UK. Acting as Telecom regulator in Behrain done work on UK , USA & Eastern Europe

East Com


IN plateforms, Prepaid calling/Sim card Systems, GSM repeaters, IP-Dslam



Voip whole seller, WBA / WLL solution integrators

Reach Telecom


One of the largest undersea cable network in asia extended to Europe & USA. Huge IP backbone & Billions of minuts traffic all around the world



Sattelite sevice can provide vice & data connectivity where ever you want. One of the leader in satellite broadcasting Systems


Through the East-West Video Crossing, - ESS through its satellite partners offers an easy and cost-effective way to extend the reach of your channel to audiences in the Far East and Australia.

Through Satlink teleport in the Mediterranean, - ESS can turn-around traffic from North and Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, for uplink to NSS-6 and delivery to anywhere within the satellite’s coverage area.

Multiple Channels per Carrier (MCPC) platforms into NSS-6's North East Asia and Australia beams afford broadcasters the power to downlink into smaller receive antennas for a fraction of the cost of a full transponder.

Read about the components that enable New Skies to offer this reliable, robust video contribution solution.

Find out how using the New Skies East-West Video Crossing can benefit your business.

Our use of MCPC platforms means customers benefit from full transponder power for a fraction of the investment. This means smaller receive antennas and lower cost. See some examples.

Contact us to see how you can take your channel on a world tour with New Skies through the East-West Video Crossing.