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Security Equipments

Product Line & Our Partners

ESS responds to this increased need by providing safety and security equipment. Whether safety and security are your main concern or not, we’re here with an easy access to the great rates, and a fast execution:

  • VVIP Vehicle Jamming System for Convoys.
  • Brief Case Jamming System
  • Jam remote controlled grade radio command detonators
  • Neutralize radio controlled triggers of Improvised Explosive Devices
  • Defend against Radio Fired Mines
  • Monitor, detect, & locate enemy radio signals / communications
  • Locate enemy radio sources / transmission locations on a digitized map using direction finder technology
  • Detect & locate explosives & contraband
  • Enable quick & safe Explosive Ordnance Disposal 
  • Vehicle Scanning System

Our Clients

  • Pakistan Army
  • Pakistan Navy
  • Government of Punjab-Pakistan.
  • Prison Department-Punjab-Pakistan
  • Pakistan Army
  • Government of Sindh-Pakistan.
  • Government of Khyber Pakhtoon Khawah

Our Partners

ESS has a wealth of experience working with international client businesses and partnering with the leading names in telecommunications. Through our global links and partnerships we are able to meet your ever changing needs for tomorrow’s communications challenges.

Digital RF Ltd

United Kingdom

The product Line of Digital RF is included but not limited to: Bome of Bomb Jammers, Manpack Jammers, Mobile Jammers

Homeland Security Strategies GB Ltd

Leading Telecom consulting company founded by founder of Vodafone UK. Acting as Telecom regulator in Behrain done work on UK , USA & Eastern Europe

ICX Technologies


2100 Crystal Drive, Suite 650, Arlington, VA 22202Bomb Jammers, RCIED Devices, Jamming System