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Broadcasting Division of ESS

ESS provides a complete turnkey solution for the setting up of the FM and MW radio stations including the studios as well as the transmission system. Our solution contains but not limited to, Transmitters, Antennas, Towers, Studios, Studio Transmitters links as mentioned under:

  • Medium Wave and FM Transmitters (Broadcast Electronics USA)
  • Medium Wave Transmitters (Nautel, Canada)
  • FM Transmitters Systems (TEM-Italy)
  • Transmitting Valves and industrial tubes (Thales France)
  • FM Transmitters (Taylor Brothers Ltd UK)
  • FM Transmitters and Broadcasting Systems (Ecresso RFTS France)
  • Antenna Systems (Andrew, USA)
  • Antenna System and Systems (JAMPRO)
  • RF Cable (Andrew Corporation USA)
  • Studio Equipment (Richardson Electronics USA)
  • Studio Equipment and Systems (BSW USA)
  • Antenna, Tower and Tuning Systems (Kintronics LAB)

FM Radio Station Setup in Government, Public and Private Sector:

We are providing complete set up of FM Radio Stations. We have technical expertise and manpower to meet the requirements of Government, Public and customers.

We can offer wide range of transmission system from 10W power to 40-50kW power, with the warranty of best quality and robust and rugged technology for our atmosphere. We can meet the requirement of the customer for Vertical, Circular and Horizontal Aerial Systems.

Different variety of source equipment can be made available for the setup of On-Air Studios. We can offer best quality as well as low cost proposals to our esteemed customers.

We have the sources to provide state-of-the-art, best quality and low cost products for the setup of production studios.

We are offering complete Systems for audio storage system, ranging from supply of computers to essential software and accessories

Our Major Partners in Radio Broadcasting


Broadcast Electronic


BE provide complete and turn key Systems in STLs, FM and AM antenna and transmission system Including the audio vault storage system, STL and complete studio Systems.




Nautel specializes in high power, totally solid state RF equipment operating in LF through VHF frequency bands. Leader in the completer AM Transmission System and allied equipment ranging from 1 KW to 300 KW.


Kintronic Laboratories


Specialized in AM Antenna Systems as well as the Antenna Tuning Units, Dummy Loads etc.


Jampro Antennas Inc.


Covering all types of antennas and systems including: DTV, TV Antennas, FM Antennas, Combiners & Filters, Transmission Line, Wave Guides and Towers & Poles.


Thales Electronics


Provide the complete range of Broadcasting and industrial micro-wave tubes for Medium Wave, Short Wave Transmitters as well as for the industry use.


Omnia Audio


Leader in providing Complete Audio Processing System


BSW Broadcast Supply Inc.


Supply everything you need to produce professional quality audio for any application.




Exclusive Representative and Distributor for FM, TV Transmitters and Allied Equipment in Pakistan.