Engineering Solutions and Services aims to provide innovative solutions to its customers with highest quality.

ESS is an energetic and innovative company with major focus on the following sectors with hi-tech and specialized equipments.

Broadcasting Telecommunication & IT Security Equipments & Systems

Broadcasting Division of ESS

ESS provides a complete turnkey solution for the setting up of the FM and MW radio stations including the studios as well as the transmission system. Our solution contains but not limited to, Transmitters, Antennas, Towers, Studios, Studio Transmitters links as mentioned under:
  • Medium Wave and FM Transmitters (Broadcast Electronics USA)
  • Medium Wave Transmitters (Nautel, Canada)
  • FM Transmitters Systems (TEM-Italy)
  • Transmitting Valves and industrial tubes (Thales France)
  • FM Transmitters (Taylor Brothers Ltd UK)
  • FM Transmitters and Broadcasting Solutions (Ecresso RFTS France)
  • Antenna Systems (Andrew, USA)
  • Antenna System and Solutions (JAMPRO)
  • RF Cable (Andrew Corporation USA)
  • Studio Equipment (Richardson Electronics USA)
  • Studio Equipment and Solutions (BSW USA)
  • Antenna, Tower and Tuning Systems (Kintronics LAB)

FM Radio Station Setup in Government, Public and Private Sector:

We are providing complete set up of FM Radio Stations. We have technical expertise and manpower to meet the requirements of Government, Public and customers.

i. Transmission System:
We can offer wide range of transmission system from 10W power to 40-50kW power, with the warranty of best quality and robust and rugged technology for our atmosphere. We can meet the requirement of the customer for Vertical, Circular and Horizontal Aerial Systems.
ii. ON-AIR Studio
Different variety of source equipment can be made available for the setup of On-Air Studios. We can offer best quality as well as low cost proposals to our esteemed customers.
iii. Production Studio
We have the sources to provide state-of-the-art, best quality and low cost products for the setup of production studios.
iv. Digital Audio Storage Systems
We are offering complete solutions for audio storage system, ranging from supply of computers to essential software and accessories.

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Telecommunication and IT Division:

ESS are primarily focusing on the synergy that exists in the IT/Telecomm sector in Pakistan. Government of Pakistan is encouraging the private Sector to come forward and establish parallel Telecom infrastructure to PTCL. In that regard CE has taken strong initiatives to the recently announced IT policy and Action Plan for the development of IT and Telecomm sectors in Pakistan.

Our area of activities consisting but not limited to the following equipments and solutions:
  • DSL Equipment (Parading, Harbour Networks Ltd, )
  • Test Instruments (Trend Communication, Agilent Technologies, CTCU)
  • Multiservice & BRAS (Redback)
  • Remote Access Servers (Patton)
  • Radio Modems (Carlson & Wireless)
  • Routers, Hub/Switches (Cisco)
  • Fiber Equipment (Larscom & CTCU)
  • Interface Converters (Patton & CTCU)
  • Inverse Multiplexers (Larscom)
  • Video Conferencing Equipment (Aethra Telecommunication)

ESS Services in Telecom and IT Sector:
  • Site Selection & Inspection
  • Site Preparation
  • Installation & Configuration
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Operation & Maintenance Support
  • Project Management & Implementation

Strategic Alliances With International Partners:

ESS has a wealth of experience working with international client businesses and partnering with the leading names in telecommunications. Through our global links and partnerships we are able to meet your ever changing needs for tomorrow’s communications challenges.

In order to claim that we provide the best solutions that money can buy, it is not enough to just partner with different companies. We realize that fact and to out-perform our competition, our partners are world leaders in their respective fields, enabling us to always have an edge. As a premier consulting firm, it is our aim to provide the most viable and efficient mix to our clients. Our extensive partner profile allows us to be the only company in Pakistan to offer all the products and solutions of our global partners under one roof.

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Support Services:

One of the primary reasons because of which - ESS has been able to earn the name and respect that it has in such a short span of time has been the adherence of our commitments to our partners and clients. We understand and embody in our corporate culture strict observance of our customer’s support and ancillary needs. As part of ongoing exercise to improve our services, we employ the following practices at our company:
  • Foreign trained staff, individually qualified for each product/service
  • 24 X 7 X 365 days uninterrupted support
  • 2 X 12 hour shifts that work round the clock to provide unmatched support
  • We are currently maintaining 3 levels of SLA: minor, major, critical.
  • 24 hour helpdesk in place at our head office from where we can liaise with our clients. The problems are logged, trouble ticket is issued and resolved with a follow up through our regional offices.
  • Continuous online help and support for technical engineers from our international principals
  • We also maintain in country critical spares. Warehouse and inventory management systems are in place for accurate and up to the minute details.
We are providing competitive services in following areas of Telecom industry, locally and internationally:

1. VOIP(Voice Over IP)
2. LDI(Long Distance International)
3. WLL(Wireless Local Loop)
4. Mobile GSM

Network Solutions
1. Fiber Optic (Land Cable)
2. WLL
3. WBA
4. Satellite

Equipments & Parts
1. International Gateways
2. MDF, ODF Frames
3. WLL Terminals

Through the East-West Video Crossing, - ESS through its satellite partners offers an easy and cost-effective way to extend the reach of your channel to audiences in the Far East and Australia.

Through Satlink teleport in the Mediterranean, - ESS can turn-around traffic from North and Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, for uplink to NSS-6 and delivery to anywhere within the satellite’s coverage area.

Multiple Channels per Carrier (MCPC) platforms into NSS-6's North East Asia and Australia beams afford broadcasters the power to downlink into smaller receive antennas for a fraction of the cost of a full transponder.
How it Works
Read about the components that enable New Skies to offer this reliable, robust video contribution solution.

Features and Benefits
Find out how using the New Skies East-West Video Crossing can benefit your business.

Antenna Size Examples
Our use of MCPC platforms means customers benefit from full transponder power for a fraction of the investment. This means smaller receive antennas and lower cost. See some examples.

Contact New Skies today!
Contact us to see how you can take your channel on a world tour with New Skies through the East-West Video Crossing.

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Security Equipments and Systems:

Need of Security Equipments and Systems is becoming more important than ever due to the increased terrorism activities in the world in general and in Pakistan in particular.

Safety and security equipments has become increasingly important to the institutions, organizations and companies and of today. This is an increasingly litigious world, and one that now puts a great importance on personal safety and security. For example, there was a time when a metal detector was not only unneeded, but almost unheard of. Now they are commonplace. But it doesn’t have to go to that extreme – ESS responds to this increased need by providing safety and security equipment. Whether safety and security are your main concern or not, we’re here with an easy access to the great rates, and a fast execution:

Product Line & Our Partners:

Our Security Product line is included but not limited to:
1. VVIP Vehicle Jamming System for Convoys.
2. Brief Case Jamming System
3. Jam remote controlled grade radio command detonators
4. Neutralize radio controlled triggers of Improvised Explosive Devices
5. Defend against Radio Fired Mines
6. Monitor, detect & locate enemy radio signals / communications
7. Locate enemy radio sources / transmission locations on a digitized map using direction finder technology
8. Detect & locate explosives & contraband
9. Enable quick & safe Explosive Ordnance Disposal
10. Vehicle Scanning System

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ESS is comprising of Highly Qualified, Professional and Seasoned Engineers along with the team of marketing and business development personal. ESS address the industry’s emerging needs to provide complete turnkey solutions and systems under one roof.

ESS suite of Broadcasting, Radio Frequency (Transmitters) of very wide range and Communication services provides tailored solutions based on our customer requirements. We document, plan, develop, deploy and manage your needs covering project management, operational support, customer care management, systems integration and value added service platforms.

ESS strategy is to work as a business partner enabling you to select the right level of support, from simple advice up to a turnkey service that allows you to concentrate on developing your core activities.. read more