As a premier consulting firm, it is our aim to provide the most viable and efficient mix to our clients.

Our extensive partner profile allows us to be the only company in Pakistan to offer all the products and solutions of our global partners under one roof. We feel immense pride in being able to offer the following services as numerated under each relevant partner.

Partners in Telecommunication Sector:

Broadcast Electronic, USA:
BE provide complete and turn key solutions in STLs, FM and AM antenna and transmission system Including the audio vault storage system, STL and complete studio solutions.

Broadcast Electronics is the premier provider of mission-critical solutions for over-the-air and Internet radio. Their products encompass program generation, audio and data management, interfaculty transport, and analog and digital transmission. For more than four decades, our pioneering developments have set industry standards for innovation and reliability, while providing broadcasters with new options for operational productivity and income generation.
Broadcast Electronic, USA

Nautel specializes in high power, totally solid state RF equipment operating in LF through VHF frequency bands. Leader in the completer AM Transmission System and allied equipment ranging from 1 KW to 300 KW.

Kintronic Laboratories USA:
Specialized in AM Antenna Systems as well as the Antenna Tuning Units, Dummy Loads etc.
Kintronic Laboratories

Exclusive Representative and Distributor for FM, TV Transmitters and Allied Equipment in Pakistan.

Jampro Antennas Inc. USA:
Covering all types of antennas and systems including: DTV, TV Antennas, FM Antennas, Combiners & Filters, Transmission Line, Wave Guides and Towers & Poles.
Jampro Antennas Inc

Thales Electronics, France:
Provide the complete range of Broadcasting and industrial micro-wave tubes for Medium Wave, Short Wave Transmitters as well as for the industry use.
Thales Electronics

Omnia Audio, USA:
Leader in providing Complete Audio Processing System.
Omnia Audio

BSW Broadcast Supply Inc. USA:
Supply everything you need to produce professional quality audio for any application.
BSW Broadcast Supply Inc


Partners in Telecommunication Sector:

ESS has a wealth of experience working with international client businesses and partnering with the leading names in telecommunications. Through our global links and partnerships we are able to meet your ever changing needs for tomorrow’s communications challenges.

Harbour Networks:
Harbour Networks provides total network solutions through continued technical and product innovations
To be a leading provider in Ethernet switching, router and metro area IP network
Leading provider of IPDSLAM in China and Asia Pacific Region
One of the mainstream providers actively promoting the commercial application of NGN
Harbour Networks

Intercai mondiale:
Leading Telecom consulting company founded by founder of Vodafone UK
Acting as Telecom regulator in Behrain done work on UK , USA & Eastern Europe
Intercai mondiale

East Com China:
IN platforms
Prepaid calling/Sim card solutions
GSM repeaters
East Com China

Sakon USA:
Voip whole seller
WBA / WLL solution integrators
Sakon USA

Reach Telecom HK:
One of the largest undersea cable network in asia extended to Europe & USA
Huge IP backbone & Billions of minuts traffic all around the world
Reach Telecom HK

NewSkies USA:
Sattelite sevice can provide vice & data connectivity where ever you want
One of the leader in satellite broadcasting solutions
NewSkies USA


Partners in Security Equipments and Systems:

Digital RF Ltd:
Walford House, Generals Lane,
Boreham, Chelmsford,
Essex, CM3 3HW
United Kingdom
The product Line of Digital RF is included but not limited to:
Bome of Bomb Jammers, Manpack Jammers, Mobile Jammers
RCIED Bomb Jammers
Digital RF are pleased to offer a range of "High Power Bomb Jammers" suitable for preventing the detonation of roadside bombs. The "Jammers" may also be used to jam radio handsets, or mobile telephone or Wifi networks in the frequency band 25Mhz-18Ghz.

Along with the "bomb jammers" the company also offers a range of Surveillance Products including covert systems and portable CCTV intelligent systems with COFDM or IPTV microwave links.

The innovative range of Surveillance Robots can be carried in a boot of a car or a man pack offers extended range of protection when carrying "bomb jammers" or surveillance of a scene of threat before sending in personnel.
Digital RF Ltd
Homeland Security Strategies GB Ltd:  
Bomb Jammers
RCIED Devices
Jamming System
Homeland Security Strategies GB Ltd
ICX Technologies USA:  
Explosive Detectors
Chemical Detectors
Radiation Detectors
Biological Contents Detectors
ICX Technologies USA


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Security Equipments and Systems
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