Engineering Solutions and Services aims to provide innovative solutions to its customers with highest quality.

ESS is an energetic and innovative company with major focus on the following sectors with hi-tech and specialized equipments.

Broadcasting Telecommunication & IT Security Equipments & Systems

ESS is run by a team of talented and experienced professionals with strong technical and commercial skills. The people behind the success of ESS have been working in these sectors with the collaboration and joint venture of renowned foreign companies and manufacturers.

We are providing innovative solutions for the customers with special needs to address their requirements. Strong experience in new and exciting products and technologies has given ESS an edge over other companies.

With offices in Islamabad and Lahore, ESS caters the needs of a wide range of customers across the country.

At ESS, it has always been our goal to equip customers with reliable and efficient solutions. Ranging from the smallest of networking requirements to complete turnkey solutions.


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ESS provides a complete turnkey solution for the setting up of the FM and MW radio stations including the studios as well as the transmission system. Our solution contains.. read more
Telecommunication and IT Division
Telecommunication and IT Division
Our area of activities consists of DSL Equipment, Test Instruments, Multiservice & BRAS, Remote Access Servers, Radio Modems, Routers, Hub/Switches, Fiber Equipment.. read more
Security Equipments and Systems
Security Equipments and Systems
Need of Security Equipments and Systems is becoming more important than ever due to the increased terrorism activities in the world in general and in Pakistan in particular.. read more